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Inside the White Room in Volcano, CA
Inside the White Room in Volcano, CA. Photo by Dave Bunnell.

The WCC is acquiring 150 acres of property near Volcano, CA, containing over 10 known caves (including Santa Claus/Pearl, Mushroom, Lulu Bell, and Connie’s), plus acres of karst with sinks, holes and flowstone fragments.This rare opportunity was made possible thanks to several large pledges from generous donors and WCC’s very own acquisition fund. This purchase will guarantee the preservation and conservation of these wonderful caves for years to come and grant cavers, like you, responsible access to enjoy them. Please help support the WCC in this endeavor through a tax deductible donation. Just $100 a year for the next 3 years will help the WCC retire the $200k loan with minimal interest and ensure continued access through our trusted management plan. Click below to donate today; all contributions, in any amount, large or small, will help immensely. Thank You!

Western Regional Meeting

The annual Western Region meeting will be held on September 29 through October 1 at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora. Hosted by San Francisco Bay Chapter, there will be cave trips, speakers, an auction (bring things for the auction), activities, the business meeting, an opportunity to socialize and meet people, and a fund-raising dinner hosted by the WCC. There will be chicken and vegetarian options for the meal. To register, go to


Address: PO Box 230, Newcastle, CA 95658

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The Western Cave Conservancy believes in protecting the natural wonder of caves in the western United States, dedicated to securing responsible access to threatened caves through public education and practicing cave conservation.
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