WCC Donates $500 for purchase of Berome-Moore Cave in Missouri

At the recent WCC Board meeting the Directors agreed to support this worthy project that is being coordinated by the Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) and the Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto (MMV). The entrance of this 18+ mile cave system will be owned by the MCKC and managed by the MMV. A one acre parcel around the entrance is being purchased and access to the entrance and easments for all undergound passages are assured. Read more about this great project and consider making a personal donation.

Why Are We Called the Western Cave Conservancy?

At the International Congress of Speleology (ICS) in 2009, held concurrently with the NSS National Convention, I attended an informal roundtable discussion with several other American cave conservancies. Among many other topics of shared interest the subject of a conservancy's name, what is means to the founders and how it is interpreted by those outside of the organization. The WCC was picked as an example of one whose name seemed to far exceed their logical area of influence.

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