Western Cave Conservancy Scientists Discover New Species of Spider

The new species was named Trogloraptor marchingtoni after Neil Marchington, a Western Cave Conservancy Advisory Board member, who was the first to spot and collect the spider for identification in M2 Cave in Oregon. He sent the specimen to Western Cave Conservancy Advisory Board Members and entomologists Tracy Audisio and Joel Ledford for identification. They confirmed that it was a previously unknown spider species.

Read more about this exciting discovery at Scientific American and


Mother Lode Grotto/Western Cave Conservancy Auction Results!

A huge thanks is owed to Paul and Kathy Greaves for hosting the MLG for a wonderful evening full of great food and entertainment!

The MLG/WCC auction had a total of 87 items sold by auctioneer Dave Bunnell with the MLG collecting $382 and WCC collecting $268 for a grand total of $650 for the night - not too shabby in this economy. =)


Clough Cave Restoration next weekend!

The Clough Cave Restoration project at Sequoia National Park is getting close at hand. The Western Cave Conservancy is partnering with Sequoia National Park to help protect and preserve Clough Cave. Last Spring we provided volunteers to assist with the installation of a new gate (and repare of the old one as well) and now this Fall we will return to do the clean up inside the cave. We still could use a few more bodies, especially for the weekend (Oct 15 and 16) although help on any and all days (Oct. 13-17) would be appreciated.

Please contact Director Marianne Russo at if you can help us out!


Speleo-Ed - WCC thanks you! 

Hi Everyone: I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the Speleo-Ed. Matt did a great job as usual with the program, lining up some really interesting speakers, producing a fine guide book, T-Shirt and free wine and beer (yes!). I only wish I could have heard all of the talks and not had to choose between one track or the other.

I especially want to thank everyone who purchased the WCC dinner along with Kaedean, Mark and Eric who prepared the food and saw that everyone was served. They did a great job and the food was delicious and filling. These dinners are a very much appreciated fund raiser for the conservancy. THANK YOU!!

Finally, I also want to extend my personal thanks to everyone who made donations at my Schnapp's table later on Saturday evening. Especially since I closed up the bar early to escape down the mountain before the snow began to fall. You all were very generous, over $100 was in the jar for the WCC!

It was great seeing so many friends and camping in the snow. See you again at Great Basin in September!



WCC Donates $500 for purchase of Berome-Moore Cave in Missouri

At the recent WCC Board meeting the Directors agreed to support this worthy project that is being coordinated by the Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) and the Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto (MMV). The entrance of this 18+ mile cave system will be owned by the MCKC and managed by the MMV. A one acre parcel around the entrance is being purchased and access to the entrance and easments for all undergound passages are assured. Read more about this great project and consider making a personal donation.